Resource List

Materials Fee - Due at September Meeting

(1) $18

The materials fee will cover all handouts for the entire year as well as all snacks and hostess supplies. Any overage at the end of the year will be gifted to the church that is hosting us.

Please don't hesitate to contact Karen (information.cmekc AT gmail DOT com) if this fee would be a burden or if you would prefer to pay half in August/half in January.

Books and Things Needed for Each Meeting

(2) School Education by Charlotte Mason

(Volume 3 of The Original Homeschooling Series)

School Education is available for purchase at (and other booksellers)

New! Mason's Volumes are now being reprinted by Riverbend Press, Living Book Press, and Simply Charlotte Mason.

It is also available free online (download & print or read on an e-reader) at Ambleside Online.


School Education in original language (Recommended*); OR School Education in modern language

We advise reading from the original version and utilizing the modern version only to support your understanding and explain obscure references; however, that is only a suggestion. Most are challenged by her writings and will grow in ability and ease.

*Why? Because " is difficult to paraphrase [Mason's works] because the style itself is part of the original thought." -Marian Wallace Ney in Charlotte Mason: 'a pioneer of sane education'

(3) A Blank Journal (lined or unlined) & Pen/Pencil

The journal or sketchbook will be used to collect a variety of responses and narrations that we, as learners, perform for our own act of knowing. In the schedule, we refer to this as ‘Keeping.’ One suggestion would be a small, blank journal. Another option would be to insert lined and unlined loose-leaf sheets into a binder or purchase an inexpensive composition notebook. There are a variety of suitable options; please be guided by your own preferences.

The blank journal will be used to capture Commonplace quotes and as our Science Notebook. Read more here.